Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Birthday, Engagement & Wedding Cakes

Love in Full Bloom..engagements, birthdays and weddings..
"Guys are like stars...there are a million of them, but only one can make your wish come true.."

Here are some of our latest cakes..

Chocolate Moist with cookies and cream filling

This cake is for Nadiah's dad's birthday.
eemm..romantik nya aunti Sally & uncle..(notice the cookie n cream filling?)
image via : Nadiah's FB

Diorang bawa kek ni all the way to PD..happy belated birthday Hj Daud..

"Aunty ur cake super delicious..the home made with full of great taste..our family really likes ur cake seriously anyway will order from u soon..hehe will call u..thanks aunty bigg huggg ;)"  -Nadiah
Thanks Nadiah..

Happy Birthday Ayu

iPhone cake

kek hantaran pertunangan
Congratulations to Hawa and Aizul, Selamat Bertunang.

Happy Birthday Nadia

Happy Birthday baby Anas

Happy Anniversary Ezan

mini cakes for Ezan

with cookie n cream filling

and specially for Shira and Soffian...Selamat Pengantin Baru..both of you look like the perfect match. What a beautiful wedding..

Shira wanted a two tiered buttercream wedding cake with fresh flowers..

here it is..Ayan about to stack the cakes..

be careful now..berat tu..
 1st tier is 12 inches and 2nd tier is 10 inches

Fresh flowers dah naik harga sekarang...nak dapatkan bunga hydrangea pun susah...akhir nya mama terpaksa korbankan...

bunga hydrangea kat garden kita...



one of the best MC I've came across, Cikgu Donze, boleh menyanyi, menari,
berpantun...mengawal majlis dgn baik..

Best wishes to everybody..

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  1. tq ayannn!! sgt sedap ur cake!! booked for my wedding nnti!!!! hehe~