Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our New Products and...LOVE IS IN THE AIR...

Hello everyone, it’s been quite some time since I updated you on the events in my little life. I’ve been both distracted and busy in the last couple of weeks, so forgive me. Mama pun dah bising.."apa lambat sangat update ni????"  Let's see..whooaa..many things to story laa..

Love is in the air...Congratulations and best wishes to all our friends and customers for your engagements  and weddings especially to my dear lovely friend Alia n u guys..

semoga berbahagia selama nya..Amin.

cupcake doorgifts that we make for Alia
Some of you dropped by our house to discuss and browse through photos to get inspiration for your hantaran cakes, cookies and're most welcome..among them are;

kak nery from TV 3..sorry kak, i curi yur pic from yr fb..
anyway u look gorgeous!
  Kak Nerry and her sister Kak Hanim are so cute..excited giler preparing for their little brother's hantaran.

Friends in need are friends indeed.  Giving moral support and ideas for your big day that is what friends are for. Isma from the National Art Gallery came over with her friends to discuss her hantaran cakes.

mama surprised them with a simple lunch..

Thats me at the table head..
These are some of the cakes that we've made for the last couple of weeks..

order from Cameron Highland, hantaran engagement cupcakes 

 Pocoyo cake for little Kasih

i phone 4 birthday cake..i love making it..


cookies and cream birthday cake for kak hana

notty..notty.. to have fun..

scarry...halloween cupcakes for TiaMia n friends


Tia n Mia with her friend at The Club, we love this cuppies!
 (thanks to

little shah rukh khan with white moustache!

AND NOW..launching our new PRODUCTS..


1st Product, WHOOPIE PIE..

Whoopies are little cake-like cookie sandwiches filled with buttercream that started in New England and have now spread to the famous European food hall.  Must try..don't worry..harga lebih kurang sama dgn cupcakes je.  For the time being we have chocolate and vanilla. With a little bit extra we can decorate it like Harrods(London) Whoopie pies..topping using fondant icing.
Thanks and credits to Harrods

2nd product, Latest Dulang Hantaran...

Classic Gold, elegant.

berkilat bila kena cahaya

white,  English look

berkaki rendah

Phheeww...ngantuk nya..have to go now..until next entry..thanks and take care...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cake competition and no internet..

The internet at my house is not working for amost 2 weeks already. It happened after the phone line was struck by lightning. Thanks to Telekom's "efficient" service, it still isn't working after almost 2 weeks. or has it been 2 weeks plus already..? so to those who emailed me your order im sorry for the late reply. Now you know why.

Anyways, I'm using the internet a my friends house and I cant take that long. So im just gonna post a few pictures from the recent cake competition that I joined. I didn't win but sokay. It was fun and really good experience. I still feel proud of my cake =)

This is my cake.

 Some people checking out my cake..hehe.bangga sekejap.

Transporting the cake the morning of the competition. Thanks a bunch to Mior for helping out.

First prize winner
Other cakes..

another cake

70+ competitors

2nd prize winner

Me and the judges

I'll post more pictures next time.. When the internet is working. Pray for my internet. Till next time. Byee..