Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cake competition and no internet..

The internet at my house is not working for amost 2 weeks already. It happened after the phone line was struck by lightning. Thanks to Telekom's "efficient" service, it still isn't working after almost 2 weeks. or has it been 2 weeks plus already..? so to those who emailed me your order im sorry for the late reply. Now you know why.

Anyways, I'm using the internet a my friends house and I cant take that long. So im just gonna post a few pictures from the recent cake competition that I joined. I didn't win but sokay. It was fun and really good experience. I still feel proud of my cake =)

This is my cake.

 Some people checking out my cake..hehe.bangga sekejap.

Transporting the cake the morning of the competition. Thanks a bunch to Mior for helping out.

First prize winner
Other cakes..

another cake

70+ competitors

2nd prize winner

Me and the judges

I'll post more pictures next time.. When the internet is working. Pray for my internet. Till next time. Byee..


  1. yeyyy kak ayan..we are proud of you,we think your cake is the best:)

  2. The 1st prize winner cake is nothing compared 2 urs...Well Done.
    Nor Aziah

  3. ayann the first winner tu tah apa2... u shud winnn huaaaaa