Wednesday, September 22, 2010

DOOR GIFTS, HANTARAN CAKE AND CAKE DECO COMPETITION on the way....buzzzzzzzz buzy as a bee....

Hi again..this week and the following week will be a a bz week for us.  We have to complete making 1000+ door gifts, a few hantaran cakes and I have to prepare for my 1st ever cake competition!  Here's some info on the competition :-

ICCA Cake Competition

Wedding Cake Category Annual Competition

Friday, 1st October, 2010

1st – 3rd October, 2010

Sunway Giza, Centrecourt, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara.

Pretty excited about it, I hope its going to be a wonderful experience..wish me luck!  1st prize is what I'm dreaming for..

1st Prize Full 5 days Squires Kitchen Course, UK
(Sponsored by Squires Kitchen UK)

Please browse through:

door gifts boxes

it will look like this..

and like these..

Preparation in progress:

concentration is the game..keep the rhythm..

tadaaaa...the cake for the competition...the rest..secret yoo..!

hehe..berangan je dulu..! ramai lagi yg teror2 kot..can't wait to see!

Tolong doakan saya...tq..tq..

I'll post the pictures of the cake and the competition..wait for it.


  1. Gudd luck ayann.. and thank u for the warm treatment at your house yesterdayyy...

  2. tq akak..u are most welcome..takde ape pun..mama & kita pun happy jumpa akak..all this while kenal nama free to drop by..

  3. Cool gift ideas! Glad I saw this post. I've got an idea. Looking forward for your next post. Keep posting.


  4. oh thanks! do share with us the outcome of your idea..=)

  5. Amazing gift idea !!glad i saw this post..... looking forward for your next post.....
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