Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Heart Cake!

Yes. I love cakes. and I also love heart shaped cakes because that's our newest addition! My most loyal customer, Liyana, has ordered another special cake for her and her friends to eat before their exams..They had a craving I guess..heh.

it's colourful inside! From bottom: red, yellow, blue

Good luck Liyana and friends! You can get yourself a heart cake too for only RM40! (its approx. 6-7 inches wide and weighs around 1kg)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

woah Woah WOah!!

We had a busy week! let's look at what we did..

WEDNESDAY firstly we had our pretty miss English lecturer, Alia , order chocolate cupcakes for her students..

I love English Language too!

This was done last minute because she has 30 students and there were only 25 in the box. please excuse my my not so pretty figurines as I was practicing what I will be learning n my next cake class.

On Thursday, we made girly birthday cupcakes for my friend Naja's sister..

Friday was the busiest day of all. First, we made a birthday cake for Liyana. She was definitely happy with how it turned out. And FYI, inside is a colourful vanilla cake. I asked Liyana to take a picture of the cake inside, so I'm still waiting for that. Check out her blog here.

I call it a Confetti Cake!

Next, we made birthday cupcakes for my mum's friend..
and as usual, my mum dresses up the box a little..Please request, if you want it so.

Lastly, GG ordered cupcakes as a gift for her friend Gina..

Oh but wait! I almost forgot. At around 8.30pm the same day, my neighbour suddenly came to my house and asked whether we had extra cupcakes. Apparently, her friend forgot to buy the birthday cake that she was suppose to and now they don't have a birthday cake for the birthday boy. Luckily, we had just enough for one box of cupcakes =D..yay!

My neighbour ordered some cupcakes just for her family to eat, but I think my mum forgot to take pictures. I'll put them up if I find them =).
On Sunday, Sasa orders another birthday cupcakes for her roomie. Sasa has ordered cupcakes from us for a few time already, so Thank You Sasa!


Monday, April 5, 2010

Perfecting my skills

Hello everybody! Here's yet another cute birthday cake! Arfadh just turned 1 so of course his mummy dearest would be excited to celebrate her 1st baby's 1st birthday! My cake icing skills need more practice as you can see. I've started my class at Wilton ICCA by the way. I think it'll improve my skills and cake decorating style a lot. So that one day I'll make impeccable, to die for cakes, that not only tastes superb but also looks beautiful until you wont believe that its a cake! Check out the other photos below..

Free gifts!

My mum always likes to decorate the box..

Have a nice day everyone!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Wedding cake and more...

This is a wedding cake me and my mama recently made at a class we took. Its actually 3 tiers but the bottom one turned out to be a bit short. An actual one would be higher than that. It was a fun class! I'm happy I took it.

Next is a birthday cake with a "my little pony" theme...

Rockstar pony!
And lastly, another cupcake order which had a piano/music theme...