Tuesday, July 12, 2011

M O R E Cakes Coming

Hey everyone! I know we’ve been quiet lately but Alhamdulillah we have been getting quite some work done. Not as much as I’d like, but lives revolves around other things too right..have to juggle here and there.  Hope life have been treating you good.  Anyway..seat back and relax we wanna feast your eyes on all these delicious and pretty cakes..


Our latest wedding cakes is for Zhulia from Segambut.  Selamat Pengantin Bharu to Zhulia and hubby.

3 layers of choc and butter vanilla cake, buttery and moist

 fresh flower cake topper

final touch-up

very tall 10" base n 7'' red velvet cake on top

we provide the knive too

sweet Zhulia just like her wedding cake..
all the best to both of u

This three tiers wedding cake is for Muli's sister in law.  Muli's wedding was featured in our orlder post 'Cute Cupcake Tower with Pink Carnation'.

light cocoa color

beautiful red roses, pink carnation and
orangy crysanthimum cake topper

C A K E   H A N T A R A N

simple & elegant

 Azmil's engagement cake

C U P C A K E S   H A N T A R A N

Mostly our cakes are custom creations, made for a specific person or event  but some of our customers leave everything to us asalkan cantik dan sedap!

maroon and purple color theme

green and white color theme

I think thats all for now.  Next post will be on birhday cakes...please drop by again.  Thank you all..