Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ask me questions about eating!

Kak yan, did you study bakery?

I took a short course at ICCA in Kota Damansara. But honestly, I don't think it was enough. I hope in the near future I can take a proper diploma course in patisserie and who knows, I can become a certified pastry chef. =)

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You're the 'MASTERCHEF' of Ayan and Mama kan? Hihi...I love your prettyworks! So inspiring! =)

Thanks awak! nanti saya kalau saya buat classes join la k!

Ask me anything

where do you buy meringue powder?

Oh cool a baking question. I buy from wilton or Bake with Yen sells them too. The wilton one is more expensive but better quality. But the one at Bake with Yen works well too..

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