Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wedding Cake Toppers, Mini Rainbows & Cake Balls

Pat a cake, Pat a cake, baker's man
Bake me a cake as fast as you can;
Pat it and prick it and mark it with a 'B',
And put it in the oven for Baby and me.

Down the memory lane..we used to sing this rhyme together..mum and her little girl..
Who would have guess..20 years later that is exactly what we're doing now..!
I think its every childs joy to being able to mess around with the flour, helping to break the eggs and tasting the batter..enjoying the hot baked cake right from the oven with a glass of cold milk!  emmm..beautiful memories..

Had a bad headache last nite.. had never experience anything like this before..what a relieved.. Ayan's kicking back this morning..mama prepared a 'poor man's comfort food' for everybody..have a look..

It a kind of vegetable stew (hehe..I think..), potatoes, leek, carrots, onion, chicken stock.  Bring the soup to a boil, then reduce to a simmer, cover and cook until the vegetables are tender than add the sausages until cook and the broth has thickened.  Eat it with a nicely toasted bread.

but I like to eat it this way..

Now back to business..

Happy Birthday Azza

Its a Bulbasaur Birthday Cake (Bulbasaur is a Pokemon species...yo..)

before the makeover..

This is our rainbow mini cakes..all time favourites..


Its soft and buttery, with buttercream in the center..

Whalaa..done..colorfull and yummy..

new addition to the family..Cake Balls

wanna try?

bride n groom topper

Introducing our new Wedding Cake Topper...

When you order your wedding cake and if you like it..we'll lend it to about that..its pretty cool eh..

Our second topper is the Carrousel Musical Box.  It can be rewind...who would have thought of that! one of a kind..wanna try..? goes well with any color..

I'm gonna go now..till next post..take care..wherever you are..thanks for dropping by..ta..ta..        

Monday, February 21, 2011

Tiffany Blue Wedding Cake

Hello again, how're things going?  We're quite busy for the past few week.  To our dear friends and customers thanks for trusting us with your wedding cake. Here are some of the cakes that we have made..

peek-a-boo...! too engrossed to notice the camera..

What a great pleasure to make this beautiful Tiffany blue wedding cake.  Ordered by Ain for her brother's wedding.

more beads, ribbons and white roses topping..
 It is a four tiers wedding cake.  The bottom cake is 12 inches, 2nd tier 10 inches, 3rd tier 8 inches and last tier is 6 inches.  Cake flavour is cookies and cream and butter vanilla.  She's quite heavy!

good job yan..

we used about 30+ white roses for the cake topping

We delivered the cake to Klang.  It was quite an experienced...phew!.  A beautifull and grand wedding reception.  Not in a 5 stars hotel or grand dewan but in a kampong bungalow with rows after rows of white canopies, abundance of fresh flowers lots of delicious foods and desserts., and all the kampong folks are invited.  Young and unexperience..Ain did a great job as the event manager.  You did a fantastic job Ain!

sorry..bad picture (mama nervous..dun know what she did to
the camera setting!)

The cake table was decorated beautifully..

atlast..mama corrected the camera setting..
one of the admirer..

lovely color..

red carpet to the bersanding dais

here comes the bride and groom,
'Selamat Pengantin Baru'

beautiful Malay Bersanding Ceremony

Ayan and Ain

Thank You Ain for your understanding..may Allah bless the Pengantin.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Perkahwinan: Menghias Meja Kek untuk Majlis Resepsi

image via :

Kadang2 kerana banyak persiapan yg kena di bereskan dan 'last minute preparation', meyediakan meja kek untuk upacara memotong kek terlepas pandang. Sepatutnya meja kek di hias supaya kecantikan kek  teserlah dan menarik setiap mata yg memandang apatah lagi ia adalah salah satu acara yg penting dalam majlis.  Sayang sekali selepas kita berbelanja untuk mendapat kek yg dihajati tetapi 'presentation' nya mengecewakan.  Caterer hendak lah di beritahu awal2 supaya menyediakan meja kek yg 'glamorous', kerana banyak yg terjadi last minute tangkap muat sahaja, kain alas meja sengget sebelah, warna tak masuk thema, meja terlalu kecil dsb nya..

ini lah yg terjadi bila kek dah sampai, meja kek belum
di sediakan, akhir nya meja kelihatan tak sempurna.. 

Di sini AyannMama ingin berkongsi idea dari pembacaan, melayari internet dan pengalaman kami yang tak seberapa..

1.  Lokasi meja  -  jika majlis resepsi di adakan di dewan tentukan meja tidak dekat dengan pintu, pemadam api (fire extinguisher), tanda 'Exit', tanda 'Toilet' dan sebagainya. Carilah 'background' yg cantik bila di adakan sesi photo.  Begitu juga kalau di adakan di rumah carilah background yg sesuai.

2.   Kelopak bunga rose, bunga segar, belon, lilin dan juga lampu, gambar pengantin juga boleh di gunakan untuk menghias meja.

walaupun waktu siang tea candles
tetap cantik di gunakan

image via : weddingtrends-rias

3.  Biar lah kek nampak tinggi untuk mendapat impak maksima!  Walaupun kek setingkat kalau tahu cara nya masih boleh nampak 'grand'.  Ya..gunakan pillars dan kek stand yg agak tinggi!

stand yg tinggi menampakan kek lebih besar
dan tinggi. warna alas meja yg 'contrast' juga memberi kesan yg menarik.

image via :

cake stand AyannMama

ayan gunakan cake stand yg sama
semasa pertandingan kek kahwin

lampu' lip lap' menceriakan meja

image : a bride's day off

4. Sediakan pisau kek yang cantik dengan pinggan alas serta sudu kek.  Piring2 dessert, napkin(kain atau kertas yg cantik) juga patut ada kerana sesudah memotong kek senang di hidangkan terus.

hiasan bunga dan daun hijau serta pisau kek

credits to :

credits to :

set pisau dan sudu kek

Itu saja serba sedikit yg dapat di kongsi, hingga di lain post..take care...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Birthday, Engagement & Wedding Cakes

Love in Full Bloom..engagements, birthdays and weddings..
"Guys are like stars...there are a million of them, but only one can make your wish come true.."

Here are some of our latest cakes..

Chocolate Moist with cookies and cream filling

This cake is for Nadiah's dad's birthday.
eemm..romantik nya aunti Sally & uncle..(notice the cookie n cream filling?)
image via : Nadiah's FB

Diorang bawa kek ni all the way to PD..happy belated birthday Hj Daud..

"Aunty ur cake super delicious..the home made with full of great taste..our family really likes ur cake seriously anyway will order from u soon..hehe will call u..thanks aunty bigg huggg ;)"  -Nadiah
Thanks Nadiah..

Happy Birthday Ayu

iPhone cake

kek hantaran pertunangan
Congratulations to Hawa and Aizul, Selamat Bertunang.

Happy Birthday Nadia

Happy Birthday baby Anas

Happy Anniversary Ezan

mini cakes for Ezan

with cookie n cream filling

and specially for Shira and Soffian...Selamat Pengantin Baru..both of you look like the perfect match. What a beautiful wedding..

Shira wanted a two tiered buttercream wedding cake with fresh flowers..

here it is..Ayan about to stack the cakes..

be careful now..berat tu..
 1st tier is 12 inches and 2nd tier is 10 inches

Fresh flowers dah naik harga sekarang...nak dapatkan bunga hydrangea pun susah...akhir nya mama terpaksa korbankan...

bunga hydrangea kat garden kita...



one of the best MC I've came across, Cikgu Donze, boleh menyanyi, menari,
berpantun...mengawal majlis dgn baik..

Best wishes to everybody..