Monday, February 21, 2011

Tiffany Blue Wedding Cake

Hello again, how're things going?  We're quite busy for the past few week.  To our dear friends and customers thanks for trusting us with your wedding cake. Here are some of the cakes that we have made..

peek-a-boo...! too engrossed to notice the camera..

What a great pleasure to make this beautiful Tiffany blue wedding cake.  Ordered by Ain for her brother's wedding.

more beads, ribbons and white roses topping..
 It is a four tiers wedding cake.  The bottom cake is 12 inches, 2nd tier 10 inches, 3rd tier 8 inches and last tier is 6 inches.  Cake flavour is cookies and cream and butter vanilla.  She's quite heavy!

good job yan..

we used about 30+ white roses for the cake topping

We delivered the cake to Klang.  It was quite an experienced...phew!.  A beautifull and grand wedding reception.  Not in a 5 stars hotel or grand dewan but in a kampong bungalow with rows after rows of white canopies, abundance of fresh flowers lots of delicious foods and desserts., and all the kampong folks are invited.  Young and unexperience..Ain did a great job as the event manager.  You did a fantastic job Ain!

sorry..bad picture (mama nervous..dun know what she did to
the camera setting!)

The cake table was decorated beautifully..

atlast..mama corrected the camera setting..
one of the admirer..

lovely color..

red carpet to the bersanding dais

here comes the bride and groom,
'Selamat Pengantin Baru'

beautiful Malay Bersanding Ceremony

Ayan and Ain

Thank You Ain for your understanding..may Allah bless the Pengantin.


  1. hye..brape harga kalo nak 2 tingkat je..

  2. 5 thumbs, tak cukup tangan :)
    Kudos to ayannmama!!!