Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dulang hantaran untuk disewa *UPDATED*

Hello again everyone!
We hope you had a wonderful weekend. We had a lot of calls and emails inquiring about renting our dulang hantaran. Sorry if we took sometime to attend to your inquiries. We try our best to entertain all of you as soon as we can. Anyways, today I would like to update you guys on our dulang hantaran rentals (click here for the original post). We've added some new 'dulang' and also revised our rental charges.

First, we start with the original dulang and our most popular. You can rent this at only RM20 each. We have 8 squares and 3 of the round ones...

Code: D001

Code: D002

Some ideas on how to decorate this...
These I did for my best friend's wedding

Next, we have these white dulang with arches. We have 11 of these. You can rent these at only RM15 each..
Code: D003

Also some ideas on how to decorate this dulang..
Playing with warm colours

Just a simple touch to it..

Mum's friend made this..

And this is something similar but in a round shape..Rental is also at RM15 only..

Code: D004( sorry, not available at this time)

 Next, we have these round gold color 'dulang'. Rental is also RM15..

Code: D 005

tangkai dulang boleh di tanggalkan

And last but not least, we have a new addition to the family, silver 'dulang'. Available for rent for RM20. We only have 7.

Simply elegant.

We played around with the background a bit to give you some ideas how you can decorate.

image via

Call or email us for inquiries. Please state the code of the 'dulang' that you're interested in. =)


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  2. D004, wheni will this be available? if possible wanted to book for this coming CNY. Email me: TQ

  3. D003 still available or not?using it on me @

  4. D001 berapa sewa ? email sy

  5. salam, D001 for 16/6/2012 nyer event, available lg x?
    nk dlm 4 dulang.

  6. bagi saya quatition untuk dulang2 ni saya nk budjet harga .... email me
    nk guna ahad ni tp klu bole ambik esok mlm dah kira cantik

  7. Boleh bagi quotation for dulang D001. email me at

  8. Hi boleh email sy dulang D006 available x untuk date 25/01/13? Kalau available sy nak sewa 7 dulangs.. Email sy kt

  9. Hye boleh email sy detai harga dulang D006.available x utk date 31/08/13?sy nk pki 9 dulang
    Email sy

  10. assalamualaikum... sy mahu sewa dulang hantaran D003 untuk majlis pasa 20/04/13 boleh email saya detail nyer? tq :)

    1. sorry, tertinggal detail... saya nak sewa 9 dulang,email me detail tqvvvm

  11. Tumpang tanya, dulang untuk D006 available tak 9dulang for October 2013. Please contact me at: for price quotation. Thank you!