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Check out these wedding cake trends. They may help you plan the coolest wedding cake..

Old and New

'Check out these Chanel-inspired wedding cakes.'

Channel wedding dress and cake
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Channel wedding dress and cake
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Black & White

Black and white cake are in..
black n white
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Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are in....

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A minimalist approach... 

How to cut cost....

'The average couple spends US$384 on a cake for their Big Day, according to figures from The Wedding Report for the first half of 2010. That’s a 9% increase from 2009, when it cost US$352.
And yet it’s still relatively modest compared to the estimated US$12,000 price tag of the 500-pound, 4′ tall, nine-tiered monument served at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in late July. For the record, the reportedly gluten-free, mostly organic concoction consisted of vanilla cake filled with dark chocolate mousse and covered with fondant adorned with silver beads as well as 1,000 edible sugar flowers in five varieties!'

Chelsea Clinton wedding cake

Chelsea Clinton's wedding
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Your baker should be able to answers all your questions and provide guidance in selecting your wedding cake.

Ayan & Mama have means and ways to have your dream wedding cakes affordable without compromising the quality and taste.  You still can have 2 or 3 tiers but we can make them look much can be done..!  Call us..

Coming up next post..Wedding Cake Topper and Wedding Cake drop by..

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  1. The cakes are so nice and delicious.This is really interesting take on the concept. White on white wedding cakes will always be classic and elegant but using bolder acccent colors for the design work, even using chocolate is becoming more popular.Thanks.

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