Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New cakes and New space part 1

Hey there folks! How u doinnn..

Sorry for the delay on updates. Been busy juggling cake orders and also filling up our new space. Yupp, that's right, our new workspace. Before I tell you more about that, let me just show you some of the cakes that we have done..

Love the deep purple colour

My mum has an old apartment somewhere in KL. We used to live there when I was small. I was still in kindy at that time. Then after we moved my aunt rented it from us and after she moved out, my cousin and her husband did. And after that, the house was empty for quite a long time, until just recently. I managed to convince my parents to fix up the place so that I could turn it into my office/workspace/humble abode (heh) rather than let the space go to waste. And boy did it need a lot of fixing..Please bear in mind that this is just a medium cost walk-up apartment unit, and not some fancy schmancy one. I still loved the place for one because its so near to shops and a lot of amenities and also because it's so near to the town center. These 'before' pics are a bit low res coz I took it with my handphone camera.

So, as you walk in this would be the first thing that you'll see, the living room. With some furnitures in it still. And they are the original furnitures from when we stayed here in the 90's..

Some are still in good condition, like those dining chairs. The table however, was not..

This is the master bedroom. Nothing fancy. Remember I told you this is a really old, medium cost apartment. So there isn't an attached bathroom..

 This is the second room. Back in the days, this was me and my brother's room..

And this is the smallest room. Its next to bathroom, so as you can see on the left wall, the water has seeped through..

The parquet flooring is old and dull and some have even come off..

The worst part of the house that needed the most fixing was the kitchen and the bathroom. For some reason, when I first came into the house after a long time, I saw that there was leakage in the kitchen..



  1. hye...nk tanye...kl tempah kek macam wane kuning tue bpe ye? n mcmane?

  2. hi zyra. email us at ayannmama@gmail.com and we will reply you with the details..

    Thanks Myo!