Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The not-so-magical-but-absolutely-wonderful BUTTERCREAM
I've had a lot of customers that tell me they like our cakes because they love our buttercream. Most of them say because its smooth and there's no gritty sugar in our buttercream, and most importantly that our buttercream isn't too sweet. Thank you to those who complemented, and I must give the compliment to mi mama because its her magic hands that usually makes the buttercream. I've tried writing down her recipe and doing it myself but it doesn't really turn out the same as when my mum does it. hmm..

Anyways, besides the taste, a good buttercream makes the decoration look nicer too. Like the cake in the picture above, you can tell that the buttercream is really smooth. Especially when you want to smooth the buttercream on the cake (like what we did on our Zebra cake), its really easy if you have the right consistency. If its too thick or hard some would say, it makes the job harder and its difficult to achieve that smooth, shiny look.

Of course I can't tell you what my mum's secret recipe is, but if managed to find a rather interesting buttercream recipe here. They called it "World's best buttercream" so I guess its worth a try! Let me know if anyone does try and maybe you could even share some pictures of it =)

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