Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Wonderful" start

I am officially the greatest genius the world has ever witnessed because I travel all the way from cheras to desa pandan without bringing the keys to my apartment. Now I'm stuck here outside of my house waiting to be rescued by my brother whose bringing me the keys. Just great. Luckily I get the internet connection from my house and my hour won't just be wasted doing nothing. So to cheer myself up, I'm gonna share some pictures of my beautiful cakes that I am so proud of. I want all of you to know that I put so much effort in making your cakes and making sure its beautiful and just knowing that you guys love it and how it makes your special occassion even more meaningful is enough to make my day..

Oh along dah sampai! cepatnye! yay!

The skull cake. love this.

Mini skulls

I hope all of you have a nice day. Thanks to my along, I think my day wont be so bad now =)..Thanks long!

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  1. lol! sounds familiar aja tertinggal kunci :)))) sama macam when we used to live in baidurii! :) i miss you bebeeehhh!