Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spreading love through cupcakes..

Here's a cupcake for mother's day. It sends just the right message. To my mummy, and all the mummies (?) in the world, I would like to wish HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! May you always be well and happy!

And don't forget your Dads too. Here's a birthday cupcake for a Dad. It says "Happy Birthday DAD!".

And heres a boyfriend reminding her girlfriend to be happy on her birthday by eating cute cupcakes!
Twin clowns, Bobo and Bubu, helping to spread the love..

With Love,
Ayan & Mama


  1. Cutenye... congrats for being so creative. I can bake cakes too but to decorate them is once in a blue moon kinda thing... penat..

  2. oh thank you.haah memang memenatkan pun sebenarnye.tapi sebab minat kan.so eventhough penat, tapi puas hati. =)