Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kursus Kahwin in Style...

It's important to plan well for your wedding not just because you want everything to go smoothly, but also because the whole experience will create sweet memories that will last you a lifetime. And in the years after, you will spend your time reminiscing about not only how great your special day was, but also the journey that you had taken to create that beautiful day...

And of course, for muslim people in Malaysia, that journey includes your kursus kahwin experience. And that's where the brand new S&D's Boutique Kursus Kahwin Centre comes into the picture. For the same amount of money, why settle for something less? S&D kursus kahwin centre is specially built to cater to young couples who are looking to do things in style. The stylish interior decor create a nice ambience for you to just sit and learn, knowledgeable but fun ustaz appointed to keep the whole learning process upbeat and of course quality equipments to ensure that you hear and see clearly what is being taught. And of course, it is located at the ever-fabulous, Mont Kiara. And I'm proud to let you know that this is a project by my brother. After he and his friend went through some not so wonderful kursus kahwin experience, they decided to create this. Here are some pictures of this great place in the making. Will post the completed pictures soon..


Testing the new projector

For more info, visit S&D's website. More pictures to come!


  1. wahhh so proud of aizuddin@boboy everybody can attend kursus kahwin in style and the nama "Siarra&Dinderk" is so trendy:) Very big congrats from maksu..ayan's turn will come soon,come open your chic cup cakes boutique at Sunway Giza and we will be your loyal customer:)

  2. haha.insyaallah.thank you for your support maksu =)

  3. babe! omg bestnya..bila bukak? im definately i goin to consider goin here if nak buat kursus kawin. dah la dekat ngn rumah :) i hope the lecture would be funny & wont be bohohoring!

  4. this weekend dah start the first class.nanti i amik gamba the class yang dah siap. nanti nak amik class bgtau i k. best kat solaris. senang byk tempat nak makan..