Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gimme more!

I love decorating cakes. I don't know how to describe the feeling, but it feels really good to be able to create something beautiful. And it feels even better when your pretty cakes make people happy. You really do need cupcakes or cakes for your happy day, be it your birthday or wedding or whatever the occassion is. Truth is I am my biggest fan. heh. Everytime I post something new on my blog, I'll look at it again and again. And I visit my own blog almost everyday, not to post or edit anything, just to read. I hope the following pictures give you the same happy feeling that it gives me =)

Ordered by Alia just for snacking, no special occassion =)

Ordered by Shira for a special someone =)

Big bird! I found a new way to make the cream look like feathers.

Remember Snuffy?

Alia is officially my most loyal customer. She orders cupcakes from me almost every week!
Here, she ordered cupcakes for her family since she going back to Kuantan for her 'merisik'.
For my foreign readers who don't know, 'merisik' is the malay version of the guy proposing on one knee. In our culture, the guy's family comes over to the prospective bride's house to ask for her family's permission and for her hand in marriage.


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  1. memang sangat okay..sunday is the best,sabtu banyak hal,keep the group small,shouldnt be more than 6 actually,teach them to bake cookies,cuppies,mini pizza,so much fun..after baking class they can eat outside at your mama's great garden and learn about cat,chicken,flower..later you can extend to painting and sewing class.That is maksu's dream,the most fun job in the world!Call me for more ideas and infos..i ll support you 100%.