Friday, January 22, 2010

NEW! Mini cakes! Special Promo! GET THEM NOW!

People! Behold! The new, most adorable, most scrumptious mini cakes! How cuter can food get?! I was inspired to make them after reading Miss Liyana's blog which has tons of mouth watering, colourful and adorable cakes and deserts. As an introductory promotion, the cakes only costs RM10 for a box of 4 (normal price: RM12 for a box of 4) and Im taking orders until next saturday, 30th January 2010, to be delivered or picked up the following saturday or sunday, 6th & 7th of February 2010. By delivered, I mean there will be COD at One Utama on SATURDAY ONLY, to ease those who live at Subang, PJ or Damansara area. Time will be confirmed later. Sunday is for pick up at my house in Cheras. =)

Take a closer look..

CLOSER! UUuuuUUuuuuu...

All of the above are rainbow vanilla flavor.

This one, as you can see is cookies n cream SUPREME.

Now do you get what I mean by rainbow vanilla? ;)


I'll show u why its SUPREME...

Cookies and cream inside out! *drool*

SO HURRY MAKE YOUR ORDER NOW! This is your chance to cuba try test our cakes!
017-6207022 or email


  1. Omggg, that cakes of yours is so adorable! love it!

    It's so scrumptiopus! ;)

    I'm so ordering it from you laaaa :D

    For february bday. can? omg omg cant wait!

  2. I meant scrumptious! haha. salahhh eja daaa. I want the cakesss!

  3. order la skrg! 10 bucks je kot! nnti dapat on 6th feb, boleh munch2 kat rumah. lepastu bday order lagi skali =)..bday u ke feb?

  4. nnti after this promo mini cakes RM3 satu tau. so order skrg sebab tak tau bile lagi ade promo mcm ni!

  5. That's why! do you do COD in Shah Alam? hehe.

    But 'll ask my friend, if we go lunch at Subang any of these days by this week I let you know. say Tuesday or Thursday? what time are you free? ;)

    btw yeah the bday on feb. My auntie's. How much if like say 20 pieces? ;)