Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bazaar, birthdays and a mystery...

Remember I told you guys that I was opening a booth in Summit USJ? Well, here are some pics of how the booth looks like..

Ain't that pretty?!


Hey there Mr Wabbit!

This is my cousin, Wa. She was kind enough to accompany me the whole day!Thanks!

There were a lot of birthdays. I Love birthdays. They just make you happy don't they? Anyways, here are some of the birthday cupcakes. Supposingly, there are more pics of birthday cupcakes. But some I just forgot snap their pics. =( I'll remember to not forget next time =)

Remember my cousin, Wa? It was her 16th Birthday.

Happy Birthday Wa!

Another birthday cupcake

This isn't a birthday cupcake. Just a fun one that a friend wanted to give her nieces & nephews.

I would be really happy if I was her niece ;)

Oh, and I also wanted to Wish Happy Belated Birthday to my bestest friend in the whole world! No pics. But you know who you are ;). HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY ALANG! hihi

A Mystery

See this girl here? She is responsible for making a peculiar, very mysterious order. and she was really secretive about it. Everytime I asked her what it was for she would say "adeeelaaa!" haha
Okay Fatin. Asalkan awak bahagia :)

Ape NSN tu fatin? Nama Boyfriend ek? ke scandal? haha


That's the end of this post. But before that, I just wanna wish everyone who has, is or will be celebrating their birthday soon a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May your lives always be filled with happiness, love and good fortune! Mine is coming soon in February so mark your calendars ok! haha. Pentingnye aku.. Oklah. Have a nice day everybody!


  1. sooo pretty la your booth! :)

  2. Thanks! most people stop by because of that =).the bunnies helped. heh. I saw a really pretty cake on your blog n im inspired to make something similar. wait for it k!

  3. jahatnya jahatnya post gambar saya adeh femes la nanti ahuhauhaauf.

  4. haha!i like that photo of you.biar la. :P