Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rainbows and Sunshine for your birthday!

I love this cupcake project. I think its cute =). I love the rainbows and the sun and the heart with colourful sprinkles on top. And of course the bling bling silver balls! Even though Sasa ordered it quite last minute (I made this until 3am because she wanted to pick it up early the next morning so that she can bring it back to her Uni.), I pride myself in fulfilling what the customer wants and delivering cute, delicious and good looking cupcakes so that people feel happy when they open the box... and I'll feel happy too =)

Dear Aisya, Happy Birthday!

May your life be filled with love, happy sunshiny days and colourful rainbows with gold pots at the end =)

From your bestie, Sasa!

Keep them orders coming people! Especially for those mini cakes because promotion ends 30th January! So HURRY!


  1. ayan jangan lah merajuk..nanti maksu belanja sunshines cuppies okay:)nanti kita gather2 lagi lah..don't worry miss bum bum:)

  2. tak merajuk la.saje je.heh.tapi nanti birthday kite kene belanja gak aa.haha.dah dekat dah ni =)

  3. heee. Aisya loves it! =D
    thanks a lot Ayan. =)

  4. sasa.i baru teringat lepas u balik haritu yang sebenarnye sketches tu blog u!mane pegi blog u?asal i takleh bukak?

  5. ahaha. ada laahh .wujud lagiii. ni haa .

  6. my blog is for those i know close to my heart..those i love will understand me:)you always leave very positive comments like "this is the shortest entry so far"..hmmm perlu ke?

  7. haha funny la ;) okay ive a blog too.

    sebenarnbya i nak drop by to say the idea of rainbow and sunshines are super cute! yan.bila nak buat utk i? as in for surprise!haha J/K