Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hi..hope everybody is fine.  Our heart goes to the people of Japan who is suffering after the Tsunami tragedy and we hope they recover soon. Condolences to the family who lost their loved ones and to those who survived the tsunami and earthquake.

Just want to share with you some cool ideas which we came across from one of the wedding website.  We hope it can help you in preparing your hantaran for your engagement or wedding or you can order online from http://www.haveyourcakeanduseittoo.com/

It is called Towel Wedding Cake.  Very creative and someting new for hantaran.

credit to: haveyourcakeanduseittoo.com

credit to: haveyourcakeanduseittoo.com

credit to: haveyourcakeanduseittoo.com

For this 3 tiered cake you need 2 bath towels, 3 hand towels, 2 washcloths and a vase to put the fresh flowers some ribbons, beads and your creativity and imagination for your own creation (or you can order on line at http://www.haveyourcakeanduseittoo.com/

credit to: haveyourcakeanduseittoo.com

This one is Spa Towel Cakes. It consist of one bath towel and a set of bath and body wash.

Cup Cake Towel for wedding favors
credit: diytrade

Now lets see the real cake..shall we...?

Kak Ikin (http://ikin80.blogspot.com/) ordered this cupcakes for her relative as 'hantaran pertunangan' (engagement gift). It has pink carnations and red hearts. Thanks Kak Ikin, hope you like it.

We packed it nicely for Kak Ikin cause she's driving to Perak for the engagement.

2 tiered Cookies & cream Minnie Mouse Fondant Birthday cake for a little girl name Imanee.  Happy Birthday dear.
our yummy cookies & cream cake

this red velvet cake is for Imanee too

8' Red Velvet buttercream birthday cake.

9" orange buttercream birthday cake ordered by Ija for her friends.  Happy Birthday guys.

we used fresh orange juice to give
natural orangy taste..

Not forgetting our chocolate whoopie pies..getting good response from our customers..

I think thats all for now..have to bake a sujee (or Semolina) cake for a friend.  Its kind of classic old fashion cake..haven't tasted it for ages nor try to bake it..!  I'll update you soon..

Take care..see ya..


  1. wah teruja sgt tgk red velvet ayan, nak try baking red velvet this weekend la :)

  2. Suke sangat dgn cupcakes pink carnation & red heart tu,,,cantikkkk,nak tempah utk tempahan adik hantaran adik nanti, akan terus tepesona dgn tiap keluaran terbaru ayan,,,nanti nak tempah bila hampir nak majlis nanti

  3. inabu : yeay..dah siap nanti nak tengok k..gud luck..

  4. coretanhaneem: tq so much. InsyaAllah..just email/sms je..

  5. Ayan...Everyone loves Imanee's cake! Perhaps we'll try your whoopie pies next round.

  6. Every thing is perfect....so lovely.....Perhaps we'll try your whoopie pies next round.
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