Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Carnation wedding bouquet from Real Simple

Fresh flower topper for wedding cakes seems to be catching up. I'm not surprised..because they're restful to look at, lovely and fresh. Wedding CakeTrend 2011 also mentioned that fresh flowers are in this year.  Well..I guess its up to you to decide..

As usual..cakes..cakes..cakes..

from a friend to a friend, 'Happy Newly Wed'

1st, swirl of vanilla buttercream..

then put the other half on top..

chocolate whoopie pies with a drizzle
of chocolate milk and white choc.

nicely tucked in a box..a perfect gifts to
bring a smile on the face..
whoopie pies anyone?

This time our cake brings us to Taman Saga, Ampang.  Never been here before..really a nice place by the hill side.  The bride, Muly is Ayan's office mate. 

so here we are..

we're a bit worried..the outside temperature is really 'panas'.
pleeease don't melt..

grey and black is the color theme

ayan at work..

the cute cuppies really caught the kids' attention..

poor thing..next time we'll bring some extras
to pass around..sorry princess!

 we decided to bring the cake inside the house
 before the cake cutting ceremony..

to save it from the heat and naughty fingers!

what do you think..

Muly in the changing room,
you look beautiful babe..

the handsome bridegroom

Congrats to Wan & Muly

Muly and yours truly..

nice work of art


she is so cute..and the cake decorater too..ahaks..*wink-wink*

T H A N K S...take care now..


  1. oh my god.so beautiful...hmmm.i jatuh cinta dgn hasil kerja u(wlaupun tak rasa lg kek or cupcakes hehe)..tp...makcik catering tu...dah kata nk bg kek 3 tingkat tanda ikhlas sbb hire dia as caterer on my wedding(bersyukur la jugak) tapi.. dlm hati teringin jugak nk dpt deco kek/cupcake cntik mcm u.haha.

  2. Khalisa, tq..tq..
    lucky you ada org nak sponsor yur wedding cake..
    takpe..maybe lain occasion boleh order dgn ayannmama hehe..
    Congratulations and all the best wishes for your future together.