Sunday, December 26, 2010


Congratulations to Mawi & Elia! We wish you all the best. You guys had a beautiful wedding….
Hope you like the wedding cake =)

I like this banner..

wajah pengantin berseri seri

bagaikan pinang di belah dua

Proudly presenting..Mawi & Elia's wedding cake by Ayan & Mama..

blue and white color theme
 Behind the scene:

trying to construct the bridegroom doll..

not so easy..

all ready to be delivered to Kajang

have to be extra carefull now..

We delivered and set up the cake personally to maintain requirement requested ( at a nominal fee..for petrol and tolls).

in the banquet touch up..

pheewitt..cake decorater also looking good..LOL..!

Thanks for your time..see you guys..taa...

Yours truly,

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  1. Thanks ayyan and auntie.. sedapp cake.. dapat rasa siket je then habes da selamat ditelan oleh sanak saudara.. hehe...

    ayyan.., thanks for the laptop and the character eventhough i look chubby bila jadi patung icing tu kan.. :D