Monday, December 20, 2010

The humble Whoopie Pies make its way to the 'Dulang Hantaran'

I think whoopie pies are catching on here. Despite their humble appearence, lack of exclusivity and snob appeal (compare to the chic macaroons or cupcakes!) there is evidence that these treats are quickly becoming chic too. With special mixes, gourmet recepies, special shape and with props from Martha Stewart..will contribute to the pies social climb!

Last week we managed to dress-up our whoopie pies to look like a high-end dessert for a dear customer who wants it for his sister's engagement 'hantaran'.  Have a look..

coated with white chocolate strawberry

pink is their color theme

vanilla buttercream in the center..its yummyyy..

so sweet

We will introduce a few flavours like the classic pumpkin, strawberry and cinnamon whoopie pies.

Whoopie pies elsewhere... Harrods.

I think I've mentioned about this in my earlier entry. At that time they were just promoting it on their website.


the pies look so pretty
[image via ameriancupcakeinlondon]

Its already on sale now.

it also comes in mini sizes..cute..
[image via americancupcakeinlondon]

[ image via Wicked Whoopies]

W h o o p i e e e e. . . .

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