Sunday, March 21, 2010

Surprise!! He's on leave lah.

Last week, an old friend contacted me all the way from Russia to order birthday minicakes for her (ehem) friend. No problem there. But the catch was that because she's all the way in russia, she needs my help to do a surprise delivery to her friend who's doing his housemanship (betul ke?) at Institut Pediatrik HKL. Huiyo! okla. Kawan punye pasal, anything oso can lah. Asalkan bahagia =)

Sampai sana, gua memang redah aa beb. Cari parking tak dapat, u-turned like 3 times. HKL la katekan. And when I finally parked and walked into the building, all I knew about this person was his name. Of course when I asked the lady at the information counter, she didn't know this person. But she directed me to the Pediatric department office and thank god one of the doctors there knew him and told me which ward he worked in. Okay, excited mode on! Can't wait to see the look on his face! But when I got there, his collegues said he's on a 2 day leave..pfft.potong betul. We tried calling him a few times, but he didn't pick up, so last last mintak tolong kawan dia simpankan dulu until he comes and picks it up from her instead. But in a way it was good, because I left it on the table in a pantry room for staffs (I think). So I'm sure they stopped and looked at it ;). heh. So anyway, Happy Birthday Dr Najmi!

I thought he was a she. Hence the pink ribbon. silly me!

p.s: Turns out he wasn't on leave.

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