Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ayan & Mama bakes COOKIES!

Yup. we make cookies now. Decorated cookies and also giant, chewy, yummy chocolate chunk cookies. So email us if you're interested ok?

These are decorated cookies for a baby shower. Kasih is the baby's name. Cute! You like?

These are giant, chewy chocolate chunk cookies that I baked for my family. The chocolate chunks are milk chocolate buttons. Gone in 60 seconds people! I think it would make great door me if you're interested =)
We also have another greeeaaattt news. Ayan & Mama Cupcakes is now officially a registered company! Thank you to friends and family and all those who have given us such kind encouraging words and helped keep our spirits alive =). Hopefully you'll see more great things from us. THANK YOU!


  1. Hun how much is decorated cookies? And those yummy looking Giant cookies? ;) OMGGGG babe you killing me with your food stuff hehe

  2. OMG..rasa nak pergi rumah u sekarang dan abiskan semua cookies..nyum2...