Thursday, December 3, 2009

BFF's Birthday

Last Friday was one of my bestfriend's birthday. So of course I made birthday cupcakes for her! My mama made some awesome ones too especially for the birthday girl, but I was rushing and I forgot to snap pics of them. Sorry Mum. It was a surprise birthday party planned by her boyfriend who is all the way in the US. He couldn't be here in Malaysia for her birthday so he made arrangements for her to celebrate it with her close friends instead. aww ain't that sweet? The birthday girl didn't suspect anything because it was actually a few days after her birthday. Jeng Jeng Jeng...


Blue is peppermint, Red is strawberry and Yellow is lemon.

The location: Gasonline, Lookout point, Ampang. (great place, great view)

The Plot

The Hideout (tapi menyorok salah tempat)

The surprise!

The super duper large birthday card.

The joy of blowing candles on a 23 year old's face. ;P


P.S. : Credits to En Naim Zainal & Mohsein Mokhlis. Saya pinjam gamba-gamba kamu yang cantik ni. =)

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