Saturday, February 18, 2012

I want to go to London!

I would love to go to London. But this isn't really about me. This is about another girl who wants to go to London and requested for a London theme birthday cake. So that's I gave her. London on a cake :)

First, I sketch all things "London"..

Then I sketch the cake choices.And guess which one they chose??

Yup. The second one.

And TADA!!

I prepared the London bridge, Big Ben and London Eye ahead of time..

And this is the end result :)
 I'm quite proud of this cake because of the details that I did. It's one of the most detailed cake that I've done so far. =D

The next cake is the most chocolaty cake ever and I call it the SUPERDUPER CHOCOLATE CAKE! It's a very chocolate cake covered in the most delicious chocolate ganache, covered AGAIN with tons of M&M's.

I am not kidding you when I say I am drooling right now.

This cake is for a bachelorette party so I made gumpaste bra and panties and put it on top.
Hubba Hubba!! Lacey white lingerie..arrr. hihi

Come again soon!

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