Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Other Passion - part 1

I know this is a cake blog but just for a change...


C a t s...c a t s...c a t s...we loved cats.   We have nine cats and four newborn kittens (anybody interested?).  I'm proud of the way I photograph them.  They are always very original, photogenic and graceful.  Believe me, where do your think the word 'cat walk' came from!

Meet Daisy our calico female Persian.


She is about 2+ years old and shes the mother to all the other cats.  Lovable and gentle character but alway very careful when stranger is around! She has a coat of three colors, white, black and red.  That is why she is called Calico or Tortoiseshell cat.  Its lucky to have a Calico female cat because you can have kittens of different colors.

Ayan and Daisy (2010 pic)


'Putih' is our only local kampung cat. A bit older than Daisy.  She have beautiful blue eyes.  Loved to be photograph..sometimes! Quite temperimental (after her operation) due to hormone imbalance I quess.  Alway 'cari  pasal dengan Daisy!  When she was younger she used to have fake diamond earings on her ears..she just look gorgeous! But not now..she hate it!

Putih @ Snowbell

Putih @ Snowbell

Just look at her eyes..so captivating! Nowaday she like to be a lone ranger.  Can't get along too well with the other Persian cats. This is the danger of racism! Come on Putih..you all are still cats yo!

cheer up Putih

Now lets meet the father cat.  His name is Blue, big, grumpy and sombong looking!


Miesya (Ayan's cousin) and Blue

He's the hero here.  No other Tom, Dick or Harry D A R E   to enter his territory!  He'll fight them like cats and dogs! But I think the only wife he had is the one and only.. Daisy! Local female cats seems to run away whenever they see him..maybe he's a bit too hairy for them..geliii kot! Not many girls like hairy guy rite..sorry..I mean cats!

he likes to sleep on his back

 But very sorry Blue..you're going to see the Vet soon for your operation.  I've kinda mixed feeling about this..but if we don't spate him he sprays around..fight with the neighbour's cats..tak balik rumah..what do you think guys..kesian pulak..hilang kelelakian..big issue man!

To be continue...

view from my bedroom window..