Friday, April 1, 2011

Cake Deco Demo at Bijou Bazaar, Mont Kiara

Aarghh..malas nya. I heard people said being lazy is one of the seven deadly sins (just wonder what are the others!).  I guess its normal to have a lazy day or weekend..(hehe..just to justify myself lah!)

Wokay..just wanna show you some pics from last weekend activities..

Semolina or Sugee Cake

As promised..this is the outcome of my first try baking a Poppyseed Sugee Cake..success!  Its so delicious, buttery and  moist..(who cares about the calories! ).  Nak cuba?

our poppyseed sugee cake

buttery, grainy and moist

football theme birthday cake

Owl red velvet anniversay cake

congrats guys..

 Last weekend we had a cake deco demo as part of our marketing.  The crowd was happy cause they could try all the cupcakes, muffins and cakes  free of charge!  The response was very encouraging, and we were so delighted.   We met a number of old friends and made new friends and potential customers.  To our friends who have helped us, thank you so much.  Have a look..

our table with a pink and blue color theme

Ayan taking a rest before the demo

Some of the wonderful people that we met;


all prepared..

hello everyone, I'm Ayan

sorry for the poor picture quality..

colorful and very tempting..

help yourself..

wanna try this castle cake?

action speak louder than words!

happy..and all the cakes almost gone..see..

Thats all for now..have a gud weekend..take care...


  1. wow..the owl..wanna order it fo my birthday in may...gewammmmm...

    ps:u mcm Mrtha Stewart versi msia..hihi

  2. drooling tgk the cakes...nice!

  3. suraya: mama made that.nanti order k..

    p.s. my dream tu.nak jadi Martha Stewart Malaysia =)

    Kak juli: jangan drooling kak Juli.order la! hehe

    Annisa: lain kali kalau buat lagi nanti I bagitau semua orang k.boleh datang =)

  4. Ayan...tabik tabik spring. Best la cake demo tu. Dapat makan cake pulak lagi. Hishh rugi tak tau. Pastu sayang nya gambar biru biru.

    Semolina cake hari tu kak ikin rasa kat rumah maksu. Sangat sedappppp. Moistt. Pakcik mesti suka. Nanti nak order la kat mama.

  5. wow..coolnya! just read ur blog and br tau ade bijou bazaar rupanya. xpernah pergi pn.huhu. next time if ade would like to go :)

    *u cute* hehe