Friday, July 31, 2009

I wanna make pretty cakes!

Aren't these cakes to die for...

Maybe I'll get to make them one day... Anybody getting married soon? ;)


  1. ;) theyre pretty classy! go yan go!

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  3. Alamak...bengong la comment box ni.
    anyway...Gud luck to ayan and alang.
    U all can do it...go girl.

    Nanti kak kin email gambar cupcake yang kak kin order kat mama ari tu masa launch application kat TM.

    Kak Ikin

  4. wah nostalgia la gambar ayan and mama tu..siap berdokong lagi ha..nanti kita pun order lah cup cakes yang cantik2 ni..datanglah lunch time nanti kita tunaikan janji kat ZARA sambil makan kat Miss Read ok.